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About Ellah Grace: Om


Musically my heart belongs in the soul genre and that is where I find my true expression and passion. I want my music to inspire, spread hope and joy and help people reflect on their lives. I have a voice and I have something to say so I hope you want to listen.

About Ellah Grace: About the artist

The love for music came about in my early years. I have always loved to perform and to be on stage, even when the stage was homemade and the audience my relatives.  

Music has always been a part of me in one way or another. I took a few piano lessons in my early years but it was the singing that caught my interest and joy. I participated in different performances in my school years and if given a choice, I always chose to sing.

When I turned 16 I moved to Uppsala and joined a wonderful soul, gospel and reggae choir, which was the starting point for me to become a more experienced and skilled singer. My time in the choir has given me lots of experience being on stage and an important place where I could develop musically and find my own voice. 

Since 1999, when I started to sing in the choir, I have participated in many different performances. A few of the best memories with the choir was:

  • Touring in Germany

  • Performing at Uppsala Stadsteater with Afro - The Show

  • Performing at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress in 2019

  • My performance of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the mirror” live at Radio P4 Uppland with the choir.

To name a few other memorable performances I have also: 

  • Performed the national anthem in Stockholm, Globen arena.

  • Done backing vocals for Carola on the Berg & Meltzers show at the Oscars Theatre

About Ellah Grace: About the artist


A fun fact about me is that I’m also a salsadancer. I’ve both been competing and taught lessons in Salsa. In 2004 I competed and won in the Stockholm Salsa Bacardi Competition with my partner. The same year we also competed in the world championship in San Marino and advanced to the semifinals. It’s a skill that has been helpful when performing on the stage.

About Ellah Grace: About the artist


For me, music is an important platform that we need to take care of and cherish. Equality is something very important to me. The value of every person should not be debated and we all have a responsibility to work for equal human rights. No one should be discriminated against. 

I’m always looking for ways to develop and grow as a singer, artist and also as a human being. It has always been important for me to create a positive atmosphere when I perform and to connect with everyone in the audience – even the ones sitting in the far back – so that they can feel the energy in my performance.

About Ellah Grace: About the artist

Music has the great power to heal, give hope, spread love, joy and provide a sense of community. It is a gift important to cherish and to treasure. If I could use my voice to do good, I will certainly do my best to do so, in one way or another.

About Ellah Grace: About the artist


The energy that is created during a performance is magical and there’s no words that could rightfully describe it. I look forward to explore the world of music. I would love to meet other talented musicians and be able to collaborate and get inspiration from each other. 

One goal is to create an album of my own. I cannot wait until the time comes and I get to be on stage with a full band and meet the audience on bigger stages. I am ready for it!

I would love to go on tour and meet the audience in Sweden. Another dream would be to go to the USA and other countries to perform and also collaborate with local artists, musicians and producers. It would be amazing to be able to perform on bigger stages all over the world.

The ultimate dream is to be able to live off what I love to do, MUSIC. That’s what I’m aiming for. 

About Ellah Grace: About the artist
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